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Turn Back The Molecular Clock Say Argentinas Plant Fossils | AutoTraffic

Turn back the molecular clock, say Argentina's plant fossils

Molecular clocks -- based on changes in genetic material -- indicate much younger ages for a wide variety of plants found as fossils in southern Argentina than do the solid ... In this case, we can ... read more

12/3: Tackling the snow at Beaver Stadium; Molecular clocks; Holiday happenings

A gingerbread Nittany Lion Inn has become a fixture at the inn over the holiday season, and Heather Luse, executive pastry chef at Penn State Bakery, is the architect. As the baker and builder of the ... read more

How Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and Slow Food Theorists Got It All Wrong

She also has spent extended periods in France, Germany, Spain, and Argentina. As tweets about the piece piled ... modern food so that we do not waste time and energy trying to turn back the clock but ... read more

New Study Reaffirms Timeline on Formation of Isthmus of Panama

Estimated dates for the formation of the Isthmus of Panama go back as ... calibrate a ‘molecular clock’, Eytan adds. “This clock has been used in hundreds of studies to infer the timing of speciation ... read more

On the Origin of Flowering Plants

Which plant was the mother of all angiosperms ... the ticking of the molecular clock—pushes angiosperm evolution back to 215 million years ago. “There appears to be a gap in the fossil record,” says ... read more

Frankenpolitics: The Left's defence of GMOs

The global movement against genetic modification, it is fair to say ... Argentina first approved the cultivation of GM crops, it refused to grant Monsanto a patent for its Roundup Ready soybean seeds. read more

But What If Darwin Was Wrong?

Darwin has nothing to say ... back, into a series of branches leading down to the (long ago) trunk. But those predecessors of the Cambrian creatures are missing. Darwin himself was disturbed by their ... read more

Biological theory: Postmodern evolution?

What's wrong with this picture, say the would-be extenders at Altenberg and elsewhere, is what it leaves out. Molecular biology ... The further you turn back the clock through geological time, Newman ... read more

Thinking Outside of the Evolutionary Box: How Arzeda is Re-Imagining Proteins, the Building Blocks of Life

“In the future, I think people will look back at the techniques that we used, that were used today, and say ... atmosphere. Plants which would be able to grow faster with the same amount of resources ... read more


Consequently, cells must manufacture proteins around the clock, at a rate ... as a family tree of plants or animals. Biologists may eventually be able to recognize repeated substructures -- runs of ... read more
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