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More People Than Ever Think We Were Wrong To Vote For Brexit | AutoTraffic

As Boris tries to cinch Brexit, two Brits try to make sense of it all

I said I thought there would be an election and there hasn’t been one, so I was wrong. But it is uncanny how similar the situation today is to the situation when we last talked seven months ago. Then ... read more

What Happened To Azealia Banks?

Now she’s known more for initiating one-sided beefs than for releasing music ... Like if if my spelling and grammar were that bad... I'd be cancelled. If Nicki Minaj spelled like that, we'd be ragging ... read more

Brexit LIVE: Rees-Mogg outlines plan to deliver Brexit in 3 DAYS after Bercow vote block

"I think they are entering very dangerous territory at this point in time." 9.23pm update: More reaction over WAB The Liberal Democrat shadow Brexit secretary ... obligation to do so. If we were ... read more

Patt Morrison: How Never Trumpers can get the GOP to stand up for constitutional conservatism again

Ever ... the people we believe we appeal to, which we call reluctant Trump voters, people who didn't vote for Donald Trump in the primary, did vote for him in the general but felt queasy about doing ... read more

How the 2019 federal election became a vote for nothing

We need to do more ... were only ever briefly in their profession: a lawyer, a teacher, a cabinet minister, an unlicensed insurance broker.) Despite very low polling numbers for his People ... read more

Is the world really better than ever?

(The cave-dweller who always assumed there was a lion behind the next rock would usually be wrong – but he’d be much more likely to survive and reproduce than ... “We were all Swedes in the media, ... read more

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Sounds Off On Impeachment, Court-Packing and "Getting to 67 Votes"

[Shortly after the Whitehouse brief was filed, more than 50 opinion pieces were published ... and nominations. We've never applied the kind of brute, political force to kind of break through the ... read more

'If I were in the House, I would vote to impeach' Trump: Former Republican Gov. John Kasich

John Kasich said if he were in the House of Representatives today, he would vote to impeach President Donald Trump. "I have no problem with the president of the United States withholding aid if it's ... read more

Former UK civil service chief backs a People’s Vote to stop Brexit ‘catastrophe’

But anti-Brexit campaigners who support a so-called ... likely. "We were initially sceptical of [the possibility of a referendum] but it's looking much more likely than ever before," an EU Commission ... read more

Trump Lashes Out on Syria as Republicans Rebuke Him in House Vote

He dismissed the Kurds, who until last week shared outposts with American soldiers, saying they were “no angels” and fought for money. And he berated Ms. Pelosi as a “third-grade politician” or “third ... read more

Why a NY woman came to Boulder for a 32-week abortion

Doctors can be wrong and advances in medicine are continually improving outcomes. “We have built a grassroots coalition of people with diverse interests and ... RELATED: Planned Parenthood considers ... read more

Brexit could draw more criminals to the UK, says police chief

Because I think we are dreaming if we think the position is ever ... to Brexit, Ashman paused for 18 seconds and said: “There’s your answer.” Much of his force area, which serves a population of 1.5 ... read more
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