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Local Focus Waste Free Hack 5: DIY Deodorant

Try making your own deodorant with Katie Hine. "It's only got four ingredients," she says. Katie Hine is completing a Graduate Diploma in environmental waste management and for four years has been ... read more

The Best Green Living Blogs of the Year

The blog is filled with useful DIY guides for all sorts of everyday products, like coconut oil deodorant ... added zero-waste living to the mix. Her posts focus on tips for how to make different ... read more

The complicated gender politics of going zero waste

You’ll see perfectly organized refrigerators with piles of fresh produce and brown glass spray bottles with homemade lavender-steeped ... In her 2013 book Zero-Waste Home, she dispenses advice on ... read more

Berlin and Bolton calendars

Free. Coffee Talk With Selectmen: 7 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 23; 19 Carter. Foot Care Discussion: 11 a.m.-noon, Thursday, Oct. 24; 1870 Town Hall. Sarah Kinghorn, founder of Footcare Focus, will talk to ... read more

25 Ways to Improve Your Finances in 2016

Mint offers a free budgeting tool to help you track your spending, and You Need a Budget is another good option. 5. Become more financially literate ... Use social media to improve your finances. read more

Local Focus Waste Free Hack 3: DIY toothpaste

Katie Hine is completing a Graduate Diploma in environmental waste management and for four years has been working towards zero waste. In this series, Katie shares her top tips to reduce waste in 2019. read more

The New Industrial Economy

These spaces help entrepreneurs to prototype new products, open up opportunities to tackle obsolescence and waste ... local, handmade, artisan over mass production. In the UK, Common Libraries, who ... read more

Do You Have Hazardous Waste in Your House?

Many types of HHW aren’t recyclable; for those products, the focus is on keeping hazardous materials out ... accept rechargeable batteries and cell phones. Check with your local waste management ... read more

Matt Driscoll: Visitor brings ‘zero-waste’ lifestyle to Tacoma

A resident of New York who studied environmental studies at NYU, she lives a “zero-waste” lifestyle — meaning she ... Then she offered to send me some of the homemade deodorant that Singer inspired ... read more

Take Back Your Gadgets! 6 Reasons To Love DIY

This kind of focus on reuse -- on knowing how to reuse ... events and locations that will help you dive in to hack, modify, repair and rebuild your devices." 5. The DIY Ethic and Creating Technology ... read more

McDonald’s hacks, eg, FREE cheeseburger, DIY Big Mac

To do it, order a £1.59 Double Cheeseburger and add the following free extras to have the ingredients of a ... Better yet, use this DIY menu hack to make something similar and pay just £2.58. First, ... read more

13 cheapy Nando's MoneySaving hacks

We've based most of these hacks on eating ... sides and a drink for £5.95. The sides you get are slightly smaller, but if you only wanted a small meal, this is a great option. It’s all well and good ... read more
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