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CDC flu pandemic plans hint at the playbook for a new coronavirus outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is preparing for the possibility that the new coronavirus will spread through the United States — and it’s using its guidelines for pandemic ... read more

Why The Coronavirus Isn’t A Pandemic

A pandemic is defined as the worldwide spread of a new disease, according to the World Health Organization. The word is often used when talking about the flu; an influenza pandemic occurs when “a new ... read more

What is a pandemic?

Yet a pandemic is defined as the "worldwide spread" of a new disease. The last pandemic reported in the world was the H1N1 flu pandemic in 2009, which killed hundreds of thousands globally. The word ... read more

Improved PCR Flu Diagnostic for Pandemic Response: Interview with Chris Hole of TTP

To make this worse, we typically meet many more people in a week and over a much wider area than 100 years ago so an infectious disease can spread much more rapidly than the 1918 flu pandemic for ... read more

Is Pandemic Pandemonium Setting In?

The reality is that the coronavirus has not been contained and is now spreading like wildfire across the world, and you can’t put that smoke back in the wood. read more

Former CDC director: A coronavirus pandemic is inevitable. What now?

Based on extensive planning for an influenza pandemic by many national and international experts, we must do eight things -- some immediately and some in the coming months -- as we shift from the ... read more

U.S. warned to prepare for coronavirus pandemic as Europe lockdowns spread

A second European hotel was in lockdown on Wednesday as authorities around the world battled to prevent the spread of coronavirus, although a senior U.S. health official said a pandemic was inevitable ... read more

Forget the Coronavirus: The Flu Pandemic of 1918 Killed More People in One Year than all of World War I

Yet nature, in the end, would get the last laugh. As the Great War ground to a close in 1918, an influenza pandemic broke out killed between fifty and one hundred million people. (Those deaths are ... read more

Fears of coronavirus pandemic spreading Olympic unease

(Reuters) - Fears that the new coronavirus outbreak is on the verge of becoming a global pandemic have stoked concerns about the Tokyo Games and while ... health authorities around the world are ... read more

'The worst is yet to come': Global stocks plummet as fears mount of a coronavirus pandemic

Global stocks tumbled on Wednesday as investors braced for the novel coronavirus to escalate into a global pandemic. The flu-like illness has infected more than 80,000 people, killed at least 2,700, ... read more

Coronavirus pandemic inevitable, US warns as disease spreads across globe

Asian shares fell on Feb. 26 as the U.S. warning to Americans to prepare for a likely coronavirus pandemic jolted Wall Street again and pushed yields on safe ... In neighbouring Veneto, the number of ... read more

Australian shares battered as pandemic fears mount; NZ down

Sell-offs in Australian shares deepened on Wednesday as the rapid spread of coronavirus beyond China sparked fears that the outbreak could turn into a pandemic that could derail the global economy. read more
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