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Developmental Origins Of Central Norepinephrine Neuron Diversity | AutoTraffic

Astrocytes and neurons share region-specific transcriptional signatures that confer regional identity to neuronal reprogramming

regional specificity is maintained following astrocyte-to-neuron reprogramming. A detailed understanding of these regional-specific signatures may thus inform strategies for future cell-based brain ... read more

Brain injury instructs bone marrow cellular lineage destination to reduce neuroinflammation

However, it is not known whether brain injury influences the development of bone marrow lineages and how ... As the intersection of the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral immune system, and ... read more

The primitive brain of early Homo

4 Fetal Neonatal Neuroimaging and Developmental Science Center ... explored the timing of the origins of the structurally modern human brain (see the Perspective by Beaudet). By comparing endocasts, ... read more

Pharmacology and Behavior: Review of Commonly Used Drugs

VIN Mobile home Front Page Message Boards Search Search Main Page Pub Med Search Feeback Search Help Search Preferences Rounds Library Library Main Page VINcyclopedia of Diseases (Formerly Associate) ... read more

Acute Liver Failure in Children

The chaos surrounding the patient with ALF makes the initial assessment challenging, but a detailed history and physical ... Evidence of developmental delay and/or seizures should prompt an ... read more

Single-cell transcriptomic analyses provide insights into the developmental origins of neuroblastoma

However, the cellular origin of neuroblastoma has yet to be ... adrenal glands at various stages of embryonic and fetal development. We defined normal differentiation trajectories from Schwann ... read more

Imaging cell lineage with a synthetic digital recording system

The ability to visualize cell lineage relationships directly within their native tissue context provides insights into development and disease ... based in situ readout of both single-cell edit ... read more

The cellular and functional complexity of thermogenic fat

Distinct subtypes of thermogenic adipocytes have been identified with unique developmental origins, which have been increasingly dissected in cellular and molecular detail. Moreover, several UCP1 ... read more

New Roche data at 2021 AAN highlight impact and breadth of expanding neuroscience portfolio

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Roche will present data from five studies from the EVRYSDI clinical development programme ... that genetic factors and medical history may have in predicting the ... read more

Ionis initiates Phase 3 trial of novel antisense medicine to treat leading cause of juvenile-onset ALS

"Driven by our experience in developing medicines for motor neuron ... and central nervous system types and currently has three Phase 3 studies ongoing with eight medicines in clinical development ... read more

Pharmacology and Behavior: Review of Commonly Used Drugs

The antidepressant effect is due to inhibition of prejunctional re-uptake of norepinephrine and serotonin. There are three major effects of TCAs that vary in degree depending on the individual drug: ... read more
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