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Homeless Man Breaks Into California Governors Residence, Says Hes An Open-door Policy Kind Of Guy | AutoTraffic

Homeless man breaks into California governor's residence, says he's an 'open-door policy kind of guy'

A homeless man who was arrested last month after breaking into California Gov. Jerry Brown's home in Sacramento reportedly said he only tried entering the mansion because he figured the sanctuary ... read more

Stephen Colbert breaks character and says that he's glad that Mitt Romney 'got his s*** in a pile' by winning the last debate

As part of an ongoing press tour, Mr Colbert has been forced to break out of his right-wing character and do ... He might govern as a technocrat- that sort of seems to have been his career. Like the ... read more

Insight: Status of the Gray Wolf / The Fiddyment Family / Catriona McPherson / Sound Advice: Jazz

Status of the Gray Wolf You may remember how much of a big deal it was last year when a lone gray wolf (OR-7, AKA "Journey") ventured into California for the first time since 1924. But if wolves in ... read more

Homeless man forces California driver to take him to KFC, police say

A homeless man in Northern California forced himself into a stranger’s car on Saturday and ordered the motorist to drive him to a Kentucky Fried Chicken, police said. The Mountain View Police ... read more

Report: Inequality on the rise in Silicon Valley

Despite a sizzling economy and an influx of wealth, Silicon Valley remains a bastion of inequality, with more residents now struggling to afford the growing costs of housing, child care and ... read more

McCain Spokesman's Retort: Obama Lives in "a Frickin' Mansion"

Those four include an apartment in Arlington, a ranch in Sedona, and two condos, in California and Phoenix, he said. The others include "some investment properties and things like that." He also added ... read more

Debate over Asheville’s Confederate memorials continues

Some see it as a vital part of the region’s heritage: a tribute to Zebulon Vance, North Carolina’s famed Civil War governor ... Bacoate, who moved her family into the neighborhood in the 1940s,” says ... read more

McGeorge School Professor Breaks Down Conflicting Propositions On Your November Ballot

says Mary-Beth Moylan from McGeorge School of Law, the two measures could co-exist if they both win voter approval. But... “The trick is that the Proposition 65 drafters were a little bit crafty. And ... read more

Nativists in the Trump Administration Are Demanding Ransom for Dreamers

This means that if these folks marry, say, an American citizen, they would still be barred from applying for a green card or even a fiancé or spouse visa. Ditto for a student, investor, or any other ... read more

He's Britain's most sexist man, obsessed with boobs and thinks affairs are fun so how can John McCririck say HE is the victim of prejudice?

‘For goodness sake, John, why did you have to say ... into her trap.’ ‘Oh shut up, Booby. Who cares? I like big breasts, I like to be able to get lost in them . . .’ Suddenly he stops and points at ... read more

Whitfield County Crime-Fighting Partners Shine On National Stage

Deputy Thompson says the ... fled on foot into the woods, Eddy was called to track the man, eventually alerting his handler he had found the criminal. “I knew the guy was underneath the house by the ... read more

Clinton Tries a Different Debate Debate

Barack Obama says he's done debating, but he's facing a double team effort to force him into another one-on-one session with Sen ... she said "they would love seeing that kind of debate and discussion ... read more
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